At the Still Point of the Turning World
Residency is over, NOW what? (While I'm waiting for the answer, I'll get some spinning done....)

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Okay, no Part 2 yet. I've been struggling to keep several balls in the air: moving, working, coping with change. Here are a few updates:

Boxes: The ultimate score in moving boxes: the hospital's Material Management department. These are the guys who order diapers, IV fluid, syringes, Swan-Ganz catheters, plastic specula, toenail removers, tongue depressors, skin staplers, pill bottles and abdominal retractors for the hospital to use. All of these items arrive at the hospital warehouse IN CARDBOARD BOXES which go into the trash compactor unless interecepted by people facing imminent moves. Like me.

Shroom: Finally had her dental cleaning and sailed right through the experience. I brought her home while she was still under the influence of anesthesia. She reeled around the living room drunkenly for a moment, then demanded to be fed. That evening, she brought me THREE catnip mice. What a trooper. Her checkup today showed good healing where she had a tooth extracted. Tomorrow I should hear whether her thyroid function continues to be normal after the radioactive iodine treatment she received in March.

The Viral Barometer: During my per diem work last month, I think I examined about 125 children for sick visits and school physicals, and one of the pesky little boogers gave me a truly horrendous virus which has been my constant companion for the past two weeks. My theory is that this is the first wave of the upper respiratory misery that will be sweeping across the country this fall and winter. Here's a preview: look forward to a deeply-entrenched bronchitis featuring paroxsysms of blue-faced coughing. These tend to seize the sufferer at extremely awkward moments--in my case, while I was doing a gynecological exam. (The patient, who was lying in That Awful Position, propped herself up on her elbows and asked me, "Are you okay?")

Professional Development: Even though the rest of life is absolute pandemonium lately, I've decided to attend the Comprehensive Colposcopy course held by this professional organization. This means I'm off to Denver next week, with or without my miserable viral companion. I think I've finally settled all the usual nuisances of travel: plane ticket, long-term parking, hotel, conference fees, cat sitter. All so I can manage abnormal Pap smears with confidence and expertise.

Just think of me as your Gynecological Warrior Princess, willya?