At the Still Point of the Turning World
Residency is over, NOW what? (While I'm waiting for the answer, I'll get some spinning done....)

Thursday, September 25, 2003


Back from CWFF, where I had to buy myself this:

It's a (now discontinued) walnut Louet S90. I'm a fan of Louets. An S10 was my first wheel and is still a workhorse for most of my spinning. An S40 hatbox wheel also found its way into my home, courtesy of a great buy on Ebay. Many people find their modern designs unappealing, but I think they're quite appealing in an IKEA-ish way. And you can't beat their ease of use. The S90 has the same flyer/tensioning/drive band system as the S10 and has great built-ins--a 3-bobbin kate and a 1-yard skeinwinder (not shown). My baby.

Perhaps inspired by New Lulu, I finished spinning up all the Corriedale batts:

This is most of the resulting yarn--some smaller skeins are currently being used for swatching. I've got about 39oz and 1550 yards total (heavy worsted to bulky), plenty for a roomy jacket.

I'll post about my swatching progress in the next post, but I've got a night of call to tackle before then. If only this pesky thing called work didn't get in the way of all the really important things in life.