At the Still Point of the Turning World
Residency is over, NOW what? (While I'm waiting for the answer, I'll get some spinning done....)

Sunday, September 14, 2003


First of all, great news: Elaine B. is posting again at Urbanspinner. Elaine's blog was one of the biggest reason I started blogging over a year ago, and--more importantly--why I became a more productive spinner/knitter/dyer in order to have something interesting to say here. If you haven't been to her blog in a while, stop on by--there's always something interesting on her pages.

I have been living the Fiber Hermit life, after leaping over another call hurdle last weekend (not one I'm going to bother detailing here, other than to share the stats: 3 C-sections, 7 deliveries and 4 admissions). I've been spinning the batts I showed in my last entry:

The colors are a bit bleached out by the artificial light, but you can get an idea of the color range. I carded two-color batts, but have been drafting different combinations of batts together for 3-color rovings. Spun up, three colors create a more complex and interesting skein of yarn. Here's a close-up of three finished skeins:

This photo shows the colors better than the first.

I've become totally absorbed in this project, because I'm hoping to turn these yarns into something to wear at SOAR next month. Last year's attempt at finishing a garment in time for SOAR ended up in what Bonne Marie calls the Frog Pond. This year I'm going to do it, although I don't know how. There's less time than you'd think between now and the last week of October, especially since I'm spending the weeks prior to SOAR visiting my father in Canada and my good buddy Clara in Maine. Ideally I'd have this project done before I go, otherwise I'm going to be dragging all of those balls of yarn along. I have in mind an oversized jacket knit sleeve-to-sleeve, with vertical blocks in subtly different colorways, such as those you see above.

Hope it works.