At the Still Point of the Turning World
Residency is over, NOW what? (While I'm waiting for the answer, I'll get some spinning done....)

Wednesday, June 18, 2003


There's a certain point during a Night Float rotation, usually after the second week, when I just want to hang myself. Even though I sleep during the day, I can never remember what day of the week it is, or which meal I'm eating (this happens when you have salad for breakfast). Early-morning TV loses its appeal. Daylight seems like something exotic and out of reach, trickling in through the windows as I'm dropping off to sleep. Life becomes a prison scene in a Kafka novel, and it does no good to count down the nights until you're done, because doing so only makes each night seem longer.

There's only one thing left to do: Go shopping online!

Now, I've recently reformed my shopping habits, in order to save for retirement and to avoid working until I'm 95 years old. This means that my former weekly fiber/yarn/spindle/book purchases have gone by the wayside, but there's no law against virtual shopping, now is there?

Here's my Vampire Shift Shopping List:

A Bosworth 2-yard niddy-noddy.
A Golding ring spindle.
A Kromski Harp loom.
A super-duper programmable coffee maker with a thermal carafe, like this one.
A Littman Master Cardiology stethoscope, with my name engraved on it.
An Amazonia cat condo, to give the girls another place to climb.

On second thought, maybe I should just make a donation to The Animal Friends Rescue Project, a local foster program for dogs and cats.

What's on your Wish List?