At the Still Point of the Turning World
Residency is over, NOW what? (While I'm waiting for the answer, I'll get some spinning done....)

Sunday, December 15, 2002


Finally--some photos of what I've been up to at night:

Here's the progress on the Cabled Raglan Tunic:

The body is done up to the armholes, so now I'm on to the sleeves! My goal was to finish the sleeves and get the sweater yoked up by the end of December, so I'm making good time.

Last weekend, I made a big swatch for Alice Starmore's Irish Moss sweater. It contains most of the motifs used in the front of the sweater. I omitted the mirror-image motifs used on the left side of the front. The yarn is Gedifra Cordilla, an alpaca/wool 55/45% blend in a nice olive heather. The resulting fabric is softer and fuzzier than it would be if I'd used a pure wool yarn, but I like the effect nonetheless. I enjoy knitting with alpaca-blend yarns--I suppose because I have a grandiose dream of raising alpacas myself, one day.

Both items were photographed on one of the platforms of my new cat condo--the Mont Blanc from 4yourcat Pet Furniture. If anyone is in the market for new cat furniture, I can recommend these folks. The designs are Jetsons-inspired, the service friendly and fast, and if you select carefully, you can get a nice price on a big condo--the price I paid was discounted because I chose an overstocked color (beige). I'm trying--unsuccessfully--to convince myself that it looks like a Louise Nevelson sculpture.

How's that for photostyling skills? :-)

I've also spun about 6oz of medium-grey Jacob roving and knitted a few small gifts for the holidays--photos to come later, just in case the intended recipients are reading this blog.

I keep meaning to post about the Night Float routine, but so far I've been too flummoxed by the whole day-night shift to write anything meaningful about the experience. Perhaps I'll try this week. Cheers for now!