At the Still Point of the Turning World
Residency is over, NOW what? (While I'm waiting for the answer, I'll get some spinning done....)

Thursday, August 15, 2002

So I'm posting tonight after all...


I received so many thoughtful responses to my question about being at the bedside for a delivery. Thank you all. I was fascinated by the range of experiences you shared with me, from complicated pregnancies to home births, and the range of opinions you had about your midwives and doctors. Some of you believed that having a familiar presence during labor was essential, others were happy to have a kind and supportive staff, even if you were meeting them on the day of your delivery. There was one consensus: good communication is key. Knowing what to expect helped lessen the disappointment of having an unfamiliar person helping you through labor.

I also discovered something hiding in my own mind: I really want to be at the delivery of one of the patients whose due date is coming up next week. She's a young woman who has been making a difficult emotional journey from the end of her own childhood to the beginning of motherhood. I've been exasperated with her more than once for her teenage stubborness and self-absorption, but lately I've noticed a look of quiet resolve settling over her, as though she's getting ready for her new role. I realized today I'd really like to be present at the moment she steps over that threshold, so I'm going to try to be there, no matter what the hour. If I can't be there, I've lined up some really wonderful residents to cover for me. I trust their judgement and their good hearts to take care of my patient.


Indigo dyepot: Day Four: After moving the pot to my stovetop and sprinkling it with sugar, it started to fizz and bubble again, so I think the yeast are alive and well. Still no color change. When I'm at home, I turn the oven on to transmit some (less than 120F) heat to the broth. I'm still hopeful, but I'm beginning to eye the Kool-Aid with longing.

Opal sock: Heel successfully turned and gusset picked up last night. Today I was so tired I was SSK-ing when I should have been K2tog-ing. The gusset decreases look a bit eccentric but the overall product still looks like a sock.

Fascination sweater: I got five rounds on the yoke done during our lectures today. As I said yesterday, this is no longer a portable project, but it's perfect for our 4-hour Thursday teaching sessions.

No spinning today, but the Alpine Meadows skeins are almost dry. I'm confident I can start swatching by Sunday...woo-hooooo!