At the Still Point of the Turning World
Residency is over, NOW what? (While I'm waiting for the answer, I'll get some spinning done....)

Monday, July 22, 2002


Well, I obviously spoke too soon: my photos are not appearing on this blog page. My apologies to everyone I've bombarded with questions today--and thank you, Claudia, for your words of encouragement. I have to find an alternate method for hosting images. In the meantime, all of the photos I've referenced are viewable in my Gallery on Picturetrail. You'll have to do some browsing among the different albums (check the Works in Progress album first), but everything is there...and the link works!


I was so dispirited with the photo problem today that I sought solace at my LYS, Dharma Trading Co. The name must be familiar to many of you who have used their dyes, but you might not know what a great yarn store they have. There's a great variety of yarns, from basic worsted to designer fluff, all arranged in a casual manner, with the essential yarn info (yards per skein, gauge, and price) easily accessible. The store is run by a bunch of experienced knitters who host knitting classes or drop-in instruction every day. These classes are well-attended with knitters at all levels, and they gather at the center knitting table and stitch and bitch away. Dharma also carries all the major textile journals and a good selection of books that occasionally yields an unexpected treasure. In my case, this was a copy of Freeform: Serendipitous Design Techniques for Knitting and Crochet, by Prudence Mapstone. I believe Sarah recently featured the same book, and that's probably why I had the "aha" moment I did when I saw it in the store. I'm intrigued by the freeform process outlined in the book, and I've been itching to get away from the restrictions of making back-and-forth pieced garments, so perhaps this is the approach for me.

Testing, Testing

Okay, Stasia, I'm trying your photo....