At the Still Point of the Turning World
Residency is over, NOW what? (While I'm waiting for the answer, I'll get some spinning done....)

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Molecular and other events

I slept for twelve hours last night! When I finally woke up this morning, I was still in that sub-REM stage of sleep that utterly prevented me from though a molecular event were taking place between my body and the mattress. Now I'm working on my second caffeinated beverage of the day, and I still feel like I'm moving in slow motion.

Slo' mo' aside, the spinning continues. Here's some merino/bombyx top handpainted by Nancy Finn of Chasing Rainbows. This colorway is called "Madrona" and it's beautiful...a blend of topaz, persimmon, aubergine and mossy green. The spindles are by Jonathan Bosworth. The upper spindle is made of chechen and the lower one of cocobolo, and they are both dreamy spinners.

I'm also plugging away on knitting projects. The Fascination sweater body is done up to the armpits, and so are the sleeves. Now I need to join everything up for the yoke.

Oh, and here's the sock I started last week. It's one of the Opal Mexiko colorways.

Meanwhile, I'm learning the art of the Blog. There are so many beautiful Blogs out there, with cool-looking professional page layouts, but I'm a novice HTML-er, and I'm happy with the Blogger template for now. Hopefully today will be the debut of Enetation comments, but that depends on the success of my cutting and pasting the code into my template. (Easy? That's what you say!)